ASCSM Club Request Form
Requested Title:
Statement of Purpose
What are the estimated annual sources of funds?
From National Society
From Private/Corp Gifts
From Student Fund Raising
From Student Dues
What are the estimated annual expenses?
For meetings
For purchase of fund-raising
items for sale
Classification of Club:
General/ Administrative (3381)
Professional Society (3385)
Fraternity/Sorority (3382)
Religious Organization (3386)
Honor Society (3383)
Social/Special Interest Club (3387)
International Organization (3384)
Sport Club (3388)
Student Publications and Media (3389)
Club President
Faculty Advisor
Please note: State law prohibits CSM campus groups from making contributions to charitable organizations. Sales tax
needs to be collected on any goods sold. If tickets are sold for banquets, sales tax will need to be collected for the price
of the meal if the meal supplies were purchased on a tax-exempt basis. Donations requiring documentation for tax
deductibility can not be deposited in this account.
When completed, obtain signature from Travis Smith and return to Student Activities.
Authorized Signature