CASHNet Access Form

This form can be used to request access for a new user, reset a password for an existing account, or deactivate a user.

uAdd New User
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Production Only
Production and Testing Instance
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Requestor Agreement:
I understand and agree that I will use my CASHNet username for legitimate CSM business only, and will use it in compliance
with the CSM Computing & Networking Resource and Responsible Use Policy & Guidelines and the CSM Administrative Data
Access Policy. I will not share my username or password with others and I understand that misuse will result in deactivation of
access and may result in disciplinary action being taken by CSM.
Signature: ____________________ Date: ____________________
Approving Official:
By signing this form, I approve this employee to have access to the CASHNet system. I also agree to notify the Bursar's office if
this employee leaves the university or changes positions, which requires their operator ID to be disabled.

Signature: ____________________ Date: ____________________
uReset Password for an Existing Account
CASHNet User ID: ____________________
Signature: ____________________
Ext: _____
uDeactivate User
CASHNet User ID: _____________ Requested By: _________________ Ex: _____
**Please submit form to Bursar's Office when completed.
**Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.
If you have questions, please contact 303-384-2144
For Bursar's Office Use Only
Operator ID Assigned: __________________________ Date ID Created: _________________________
Merchant Code: __________________________
Operator Group: _________________________
Date ID Disabled: _______________________
Access Granted By: _______________________ Access Reviewed By:_____________________