Outstanding Graduating Senior Award
Other Student Award
* Please use only one form per student, per semester* *All forms must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office*
For Graduation Awards, this form must be received by 5pm the Tuesday prior to Commencement Day.
Please Select:
Outstanding Graduating Senior Award
Other Student Award
Desired Date for Financial Aid to Disburse Award to Student Account:
(Please see below for details on disbursement of all graduating senior awards)
Specific Date:________________
Student Name:
Last: First:
CWID: Semester to be Applied:
Award Amount:
Credit Hours:
*Student must be enrolled in billable credit hours to qualify for
Account to Charge:
Index: Acct:
Department Contact for Inquiries:
Graduation award checks will be available for student pickup at the Cashier Office the afternoon of
Commencement Day. Any checks not picked up within one week will be mailed to the student. For all other
student awards, if a credit balance results from the disbursement of funds, the student must submit a
Refund Request Form and go through the normal process to receive their disbursement. Please Note: If a
student has a past due student account balance, the award will first be applied to this balance and then a
check issued for any remaining amount.***If this form is received by Financial Aid after 5pm on the
Tuesday prior to Commencement Day, the award will still be processed, but will not be available via check
for pickup at the Cashier Office. It will be processed electronically via the normal eRefund process.***
Department Head Signature Date
Fund Manager Signature (If different than DH) Date
Please note: If the student receiving the award is not a US Citizen, appropriate taxes will be withheld and a check will be
disbursed directly to the student for the remaining amount. If you have questions, please contact the Accounts Payable
department at 303-273-3266.