Controller's Office
Voucher Request Instructions
Once the left side is completed with Account, Index, Amount and Description information,
click on the Calculate button. This will generate a new Document Number, aggregate the
expenses by index and calculate the total amount. A new Document Number will be
generated every time the Calculate button is clicked. This way the form can be saved
and reused.
It is not necessary to complete this Voucher Request Form to pay invoices. Either the
Invoice Payment Request Form should be used or the Invoices should be marked as
approved to pay, signed, and the index and account number should be listed.
Goods and services payments greater than $5,000 require a purchase order.
Those with access to the electronic travel and expense management system must submit
out of pocket reimbursement requests using the system.
The Voucher Request Form may be used for: honoraria, books, prints of journal articles,
dues and memberships, out-of-pocket reimbursements for students and non-employees,
postage, purchasing from other state agencies, refunds, conference registrations paid
directly to the sponsoring organization, subscriptions, University sponsored events, etc.
Checks may be held for pickup by the payee only at the Controller’s Office, Guggenheim
224. Third party payments are to be mailed. Please attach any necessary backup to
include with the check. Exceptions to this policy must be cleared through the Controller.
ORA approval is required for all expenses charged to grant funds.
Supporting documentation (receipts, etc.) is required for all expenses greater than $50.