Colorado School of Mines
Purchase Requisition
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Appropriateness of Expenditures Statement
(check one) No. ________________

School of Mines expenditures are subject to University Fiscal Rules, which require that they meet the
following standards of propriety:
• Expenditures are for official University business purposes only; and
• Expenditures are reasonable and necessary under the circumstances.
To assist the school in documenting the appropriateness of expenditures, fund managers may
complete this statement or include the information on the procurement document used (VR, FPO,
purchase requisition).

Type of Expenditure: __ Official Function __ Student Activity __Training Function __ Other

Official School/State Business Purpose:
Provide sufficient detail to explain the business purpose of the expenditure, such as topics
discussed or business objectives met. For meetings, conferences or other functions, show date
and location.

Reasonable and Necessary under the Circumstances:
Provide sufficient detail to show the expenditure meets this standard, such as a description of
the item(s) or service(s) purchased and/or the circumstances surrounding the purchase. For
meetings, conferences or other functions, list the names of participants or number and
categories of participants (e.g., faculty members, graduate students, visitors, etc.).

_____________________ __________________________ ____________________
Attach and submit this statement with voucher request (VR), field purchase order (FPO)
and purchase requisition, or attach to original procurement card receipt.

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