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Active involvement

Members of the Kroll Institute believe in active involvement with local and international industry and organizations. Through cooperative involvement, the Institute can assist in the development of engineering solutions for problems identified by industry while providing students with an education that is based on a sound theoretical foundation with demonstrated application to the Research and Development process. It is these future engineers that will both serve and lead those same industries and organizations in the future. KIEM is also active in local organizations: SME Colorado and Extractive Metallurgy Chapter of Denver (EMCD) as well as SME and TMS. KIEM researchers are responsible for numerous presentations at SME and TMS as well as publications in JOM and Mining Engineering, facilitating technology transfer through respected conduits.


  Patrick R.Taylor
George S. Ansell Distinguished Professor of Chemical Metallurgy
Director, Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy
Office: HH 358
Phone: 303-384-2130

  Corby Anderson
Harrison-Western Professor
Associate Director, Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy
Office: HH 270
Phone: 303-273-3580

  Erik Spiller
Research Professor
Office: HH356
Phone: 303-882-2682


Brock O'Kelley
Research Associate Professor
Office: HH229
Phone: 720-412-4980


  Judith Vidal
Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 303-275-4290


  Edgar Vidal
Research Associate Professor
Phone: 720-273-5625

  Gerard P. Martins
Professor Emeritus
Office: HH 289
Phone: 303-384-2139

Maureen Allen
Research Accountant
Office: EH114
Phone: 303-273-3476




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