Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy (KIEM)


KIEM was established in 1974 in accordance with a bequest from William J. Kroll, world renowned extractive metallurgist  best known for his inventions of processes for the production of titanium and zirconium. The financial resources of Dr. Kroll’s bequest were intended to provide for the establishment of a Center for Excellence in Extractive Metallurgy at the Colorado School of Mines. Since its inception, the Kroll Institute has provided financial support to both undergraduate and graduate students at CSM, many of whom, subsequently, have made important contributions, nationally and internationally, to the fields of mining, minerals, metals and advanced materials.


Today, the mission of the Kroll Institute is to support the minerals, metals and materials industries through the following activities: 

  • Maintain expertise and research capabilities important to the minerals, metals and materials industries
  • Perform cutting edge research
  • Train process engineers for industry
  • Develop short courses
  • Develop specialty conferences

Areas of Expertise

The academic environment creates a unique opportunity to build scientific directions that accumulate expertise and can produce results of importance to the industry. Research at KIEM in electronic scrap processing is a good example.

With one technological “foot” placed firmly in the mining-related area of metallurgy, KIEM stands astride the field of metallurgy, focusing on the process of Extractive Metallurgy regardless of application. Specific areas include:

  • Processing of waste materials and the development of clean technologies
  • Process development research focusing on improved commercial operations
  • Production of new minerals-based by-products
  • Chemical processing of materials, including materials synthesis
  • Corrosion and reactive metals processing

Issues Affecting Extractive Metallurgy

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